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My name is Chadi... I am Druze myself, and I like forbidden simplicity in everything including the way I choose to express myself. My English is average or even less, but I know just enough for what I need...I would like to express by overall content with the spirit of this Chapter and MBD in general.
Undoubtedly, the Druze agree that the Path of Metaphysics and Natural Science converge on the cross point of the Adamic Nature itself.. otherwise, the Druze would not be the only people on earth who refuse to admit to any form of repelling conflict to have ever existed between the philosophy of the Druze Prophet Plato and his Brother in Druze Prophethood Aristotle....According to the Druze, the Adamic nature itself is a giant proof of how the two worlds are meant to interact
together. If The Universal Constructor wanted things in any other way, he would have constructed humans as pure spirits or as spiritless bodies. Anything Metaphysical must be paralleled by a Natural Translation in order for it to be knowledgeable, and anything that is beyond knowledge might as well not exist on any level, metaphysical or natural... altogether. Existence = Knowledge, and Knoweldge = Translation, and Translation = a continous Bridge between the Metaphyscial and The Physcial that must be respected in the same way as the body must be exercised and nourished even until the last living breath... From here, the Superiority of the Metaphysical over the Natural could be compared to the Superiority of the Object Translated over the Body of Translation itself... Nothing more, no fancy metaphysical empires of proof beyond this simple fact... In the world of Gnosticism which is our world as Druze, The Metaphysical needs the physical and not only the other way around... The Creator, in the Druze Wisdom, created the world based on a Gnostic Need, the need to be known... If this need could have ever been manageable without the physical world, there is no need for this world to begin with... Anything scienctific in this world must be embraced as part of the translation 1st in order to be put into perspective... Resisting change in this respect is the language of Fear and not the language of Gnosis...

Those are few basic thoughts that come to mind which I may elaborate on later on in greater depth... Excuse my grammar and vocab and perhaps my spelling as well... I would like to take this chance to send my regards to Mr. Wayne Stewart who has taken his time and effort to present an objective understanding of the Druze which is something rare...
Thank you very much for that friendly statement, Chadi. I appreciate that. Perhaps your statement will encourage readers to learn more about the Hellenistic origins of your culture, as in essay Chapter 2, Chapter 10 and Chapter 10 Supplement.

Please feel free to add posts linking out to other Druze materials which you think may be of value to readers visiting this forum.

Thanks again.
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